L2 Majesty

First Classic 2.5 high rate server!
DOWNLOAD NEW PATCH TO CONNECT! (chronicle upgraded 2.0 -> 2.5)
Server is now online!
Long term guaranteed!
Classic 2.7 features
Upcoming events:
21.10.18 - Castle sieges - special reward for taking Gludio castle
28.10.18 - Castle sieges - special reward for taking Dion castle
(unlimited time) - join server with clan and get free clan skills!

Classic 2.0 - real High Rate

EXP x300
SP x300
Adena x100
Custom drop rules to make it real high rate server
Say no more to fake high rate servers with low-rate-like drops!
Custom GmShop
Custom Buffer
All services are located in Community Board (alt+B) 
We also offer new items - existing in game but not used on offcial servers

Balanced farm zones

On our server every farm zone gives you unique drops
All zones are balanced to give you equal income from farming

Special farm zones

We also offer you special farm zones:

Elite farm zone - you can earn a lot of adena there,
but it costs 20 bilions adena to access the zone

PvP farm zone - you can get items from other zones in one place,
but you will have to compete with other players
(PvP zone will be available after two weeks since server start)

Custom raid bosses with outrageous drops

On our server you have wide choice of bosses
Bosses are scattered within world on our farmzones

Special events

In addition to common events like TvT or Death Match we'll offer also special events to make your gameplay better
Siege rewards - every 2 weeks we will be choosing castle for which overtaking your clan we'll take special reward
Clan activity rewards - available every day! - farm together with your clan and win boxes with huge rewards
Some other rewards for achievements - we'll announce them later!

Donate-free server!

We offer fair gameplay for everyone
Only rewards you can get here are rewards for helping with growing our server:
vote rewards and advertising rewards

Download game

You can download game not only from our link, but also from other server using unmodifed client
(like l2classic.club)
You can use old 2.0 client, but 2.5 client is better so consider update

Download patch

Download our patch and extract it into main game directory
(last patch update 18.09.18)
If you use Classic 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 UNMODIFIED client just download the patch.
If you cannot get full client due to some reasons you can upgrade your H5 (or higher) client to Classic using our special upgrade patch. Patch might repair modified clients.

Start game

Run the game using l2.exe located in system directory.
New accounts are automatically created when you log in.
We HIGHLY recommend you to read our special how-to-start detailed tutorial.
(Last small update: 07.10.18)

Detailed server info

EXP x300
SP x300
Adena x100
Drop/Spoil - custom settings
Premium account - buyable only for Adena = x2-x7  rates

Approx. time needed to get gear, just by farming:
20h-25h - full gear olympiad (10h-15h with spoiling)
40h-50h - full gear for open-world (25h-30h with spoiling)
By hunting Raid Bosses you can gear much faster! Join events to speed up it even more!
Growth of server and future updates will open new ways to earn = players who join us later won't be discriminated by unbalanced economy!

Safe enchant +3
Max enchant +20
Solid scroll enchant max +7 (retail like)
Improved scrolls retail like
Chance 60% - for every scroll
Premium account - buyable only for Adena = up to +30% chance
(items upgrade chance included)

Our farmzones and their drops/spoils:

Prison of Darkness
Solo farm zone
Bloody Pa'agrio

Fairy Settlement
Party farm zone
Gold Einhasad
Brooch jewels (chest with lvl 1)

Castle of Rune
Solo/Party farm zone
Silver Dryad and Lucky Coin

Elite farm zone - Pagan's Temple
Party farm zone
Heavy amounts of Adena
You can teleport there only from Town of Giran!
Talk with Hell Queen, teleport costs 20 billions Adena

PvP Farmzone
Heavy amounts of Bloody Pa'agrio
Heavy amounts of Gold Einhasad
Heavy amounts of Silver Dryad
Small place - good party recommended! 

Bloody Pa'agrio
Drops and spoils in Prison of Darkness farmzone, it's used to buy A grade recipes and key mats

Gold Einhasad
Drops and spoils in Fairy Settlement farmzone, it's used to buy top A grade weapons

Silver Dryad
Drops in Castle of Rune farmzone, it's used to buy dyes, enchants and cloth pieces (for unsealing items)

Lucky Coin
Spoils in Castle of Rune farmzone, it's used to buy common mats

Silver Shilien
Reward for taking part in events, it's used to buy talismans and CP potions

Sibis Coin
Reward for voting on server, used to buy 7s potions, hats, agathions and exchange for Daily Coin or Lucky Coin

Daily Coin
Reward for daily activity, you get it for logging in and playing with clan, used to improve Duty bracelet

Giran is server main town

World chat is enabled! with limit of 10 messages/day

There is auto restart 05:00 everyday!

Mobs pursue range is doubled to make making trains easier

Do shift+click to see info about monster or other players' inventory

Increased buff limit from 20 to 33 and dance/song limit from 8 to 18

Autoloot enabled for Adena and farmzone coins

Mana potions available in shop

AutoPotion system (alt+B > Cabinet)

General chat available from 20 lvl

Trade/PM/global chats and email available from 40 lvl

You get some bonus adena after reaching 20 and 40 lvl

Buffs are free until 76 lvl, single buff 100k adena

Single tp 10k adena, saving custom tp 100kk

Custom SubClass system (command .subka) since it's not available on retail!

.gotopk command - hunt PKs and win reward

(or try to be in top 3 PK and win huge rewards!)

Clan leave penalty (and etc) and 1 hour only

You need only 5 memebers and lvl 3 clan to declare war

Premium account - available only for ADENA
1 Gold Bar = 500 million Adena

Baium respawn every Saturday and Sunday at 23:00
Other RBs respawn - 16 hours (see .rbstat command)

Olympiad duration = 1 week,
there is +7 enchant limit for your items
power items (baium talisman, brooches, pendants, hats, agathions) unusable inside
you can get also blessed scrolls as reward (buyable for Marks of Battle)

You can set offline buff store .buffstore

All buffs available in buffer, with exceptions:
Chant of Victory lvl 2
Victories Of Pa'argio lvl 2
Prophecy of Fire lvl 2
Prophecy of Water lvl 2
Prophecy of Wind lvl 2
Dance of Berserker lvl 1
Song of Purification lvl 1
Pa'agrio's Fist lvl 1 (additional effect - nobless!)
Level 2 buffs listed above are available at 80 lvl
Mobs' and RBs' cancel affect only buffs listed above

You can set offline trades shop, min level is 60, free of charge

Offline shop is kicked automatically after 2 weeks

You can enable away status for AFK, use .away and .back commands

Deep blue drop rule is disabled! There is no drop penalty

Multiclass is DISABLED! It will be enabled only for events and after events' end all skills learned from it will be deleted

By registering on site/forum/game and playing here you hereby agree to obey following rules:

§1 - Communication
You have to handle every person with respect. Insulting/stalking any other player and staff member in any way and spamming are forbidden and will be punished with chatban/jail/ban depending on crime. You are not allowed to scam other players in trade in any way. In case you can proof scam attemp you might get compensation when you contact with staff. But take care - this rule does not apply to any mistakes in trade, only for crimes!

§2 - Playing on server
Playing on this server is free and will remain free.

§3 - Donations
Our server is donate-free - there are not, and there will be not any donations!

§4 - Language
You must use ENGLISH on any kind of public chats (shout, trade, petition, world) and in forum.
You can use any language on any kind of private chats (PM, party, clan, alliance) and in appropriate forum boards.

§5 - Advertisements
You are not allowed to advertise other game projects, servers or sites, as well as not related to game goods and services, in forum and inside game.

§6 - Items/characters
Items/character ingame does not represent any real value. They are just game items.

§7 - Botting
Using any software which automates gameplay in any way is forbidden and will be punished with jail/ban depending on crime. You can use only in-game macro system and in-game autopotion system.

§8 - Impersonation
You are not allowed to pretend being staff member or another player without authorization. Depending on crime you will be punished with jail/ban.

§9 - Service uptime/stability
Playing on server is free, so we cannot give 100% guarantee that server will have 100% uptime. We aim to have as big uptime as possible. We do not take responsilibity for any data loss or closing server.

§10 - Bugs/abuses
Using any kind of bugs/exploits to gain advantage in game is strictly forbidden and will be punished with jail/ban. You have to post bugs/exploits in "Bug reports" forum board. In case of bugs/exploit which can be abused to get any advantage you should write in mail and send it to our support.

§11 - Selling/buying/trading items/characters
You can sell/buy/trade items/characters for in-game items. It's forbidden to sell/buy/trade them with real money. Any attemp to do it will result in ban penalty.

§12 - Accounts limit
You are allowed to have one forum account, one site account and as many game accounts as you want.

§13 - Clan leadership
In case of clan leader disappear we can transfer leader privileges to other char in clan as long as it was reported to be co-leader before. You can do it in "Clan" forum board while announcing your clan.

§14 - Game modification
Making any game modifications is forbidden and will be punished with jail/ban depending on crime.

§15 - Small crimes
If you perform just small crime you might get only a warring.

§16 - Account sharing
You can share your in-game accounts data as much as you like but you take exclusive responsibility for them. When you are sharing your account you won't get any compensation in case of be shorn of any of it's content. It's forbidden to share your forum/site account.

§17 - Compensations
Since our service is totally free as compensation you will get only and only game items.

§18 - Rules
We restrit that we can change rules in any time without notice.

If you do not agree with our rules you are obliged to delete all your accounts!

© Copyright 2018 L2 Majesty - All Rights Reserved

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