The server is run of ouf the money and since online satisfying anymore we decided to not refill it. Server is officialy closing today at Sunday 18-11-2018. Since Monday, if you try login with our patch it will try to connect with server on local PC (your one) - there was not many player at end, most of you played solo or almost solo - so everyone of you can create easily such small server to play alone or with friends.

The server died after about 1 month since start (24.08.2018) - it's anyway quite big uptime. There was totally no donate since start but natheless some players prefered to join new server (sadly very corrupted one). Some players quited after failing Olympiad - I don't understand why. There were even some people spamming about donate after we added VIP coins (which were always farm-only). After these things caused very big online drops, so we added ability to buy hero and introduced bots who could farm everywhere, pvp everywhere and even join sieges - just to get server a bit more alive. Since that time we became ultra-rate server. Almost all old players left, but still there were some new players who stayed a bit more.

That's how we finally cut it down now. If you managed to read that wall of text we appreciate it. We gave players a chance to play on fair server, fair to everyone, but they didn't want to. At start we had even content updates everyday. But as you see all of that has been not enough. That's why we don't plan to come back anymore. It's not same game that it have been years ago, we won't win with donate servers and current community so... it's just time to finally give up.

Best regards,
Your administration.

PS. If you're looking for good server you can try gamecoast.net - they have most recent and 100% working Classic (Seven Signs) and GoD (Salvation: Orfen). Rates are low, but they never wipe. Really never. Don't support scam donate servers, they always cheat.
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